Extreme Relief [1.7 oz]


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One bottle containing 1.7 oz. of lotion.

Extreme Relief can be used all day as you can choose from unscented, our spa fragrance (cucumber), or a custom fragrance that aligns with your perfume or cologne.  It provides both fast and prolonged relief by adding Vanillyl Butyl Ether, which provides a heating sensation that also increases blood flow in preparation for the absorption of our BIO+CBD.  

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  • Potency and formulation work hand-in-hand. 

    When you want relief, the dosage on the labels of most hemp-based products (milligrams of CBD, hemp seed oil, or its equivalents) is deceptive. A well know fact in the cosmetics industry is that most topical creams and ointments deliver only 1-5% of their actives ingredients through the layers of the epidermis. Don't waste time and money on ingredients that your body cannot absorb.

    For truly powerful relief, use only products that optimize delivery of cannabinoids into the affected areas.


    The Power is in the Penetration

    The only Potency that matters is the amount that can be utilized by the body. Use SYRM to receive up to 30 times better dermal absorption with our BIO+CBD™.   

    Dose does not determine potency. Absorption drives relief.


    SYRM’s BIO+CBD™ uses a specialized carrier molecule that provides a mechanical pathway for penetration through all layers of the epidermis and into the blood-stream and surrounding tissues.

    SYRM also contains Cannabis Sativa Extract, the oil from the flower that contains the cannabinoids. We combine this extract with MCT-based ingredients to create 4-5 times better absorption of the extract’s cannabinoids.  


    Our Extreme Relief formula eliminates the aroma common to analgesics (such as Ben Gay or Icy Hot).

    As a result, you can use SYRM confidently all day, every day, without anyone knowing.

    Since our Extreme Relief formula has no natural aroma, you can select a subtle cucumber fragrance as a base scent. We also offer, at no additional cost, select custom fragrances that complement what you may wear each day.


    with Natural Analgesic

    There are a few other CBD-based products which use a natural analgesic within their formulation. As a result, they will gain some feeling of immediate soothing and increased blood flow.

    Where they fall short is when the analgesic effects wears-off and from the level of relief due to lower levels of CBD absorption, even with MCT-based enhancers.

    In the end, you receive less relief even if you apply extra lotion throughout your day.



    Most CBD-based lotions do not have an analgesic or MCT-based enhancers. They will generally provide some relief compared to doing nothing at all, but they are a far from providing optimum or sustained relief.

    Don't be fooled.

    Labelling the container with big numbers, like 500 or 1,000 MG of CBD oil, is not an indication of efficacy. With low levels of absorption in these products, you're paying for it to mostly sit on the outer layers of your epidermis.


    SYRM not only offers relief, it provides healthy benefits to your skin with its high quality natural oils from avocado and jojoba. These oils have high fatty acid content that enhance emolliency. This added emolliency complements our use of plant-derived Phytomoist, which is 400 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid, the most popular moisturizing ingredient in modern skincare products. Phytomoist is very effective at moisturizing the outer layers of your skin. SYRM also contains a complementary molecule to stimulate your body’s ability to generate its own moisture.


    No ingredient in SYRM makes us more proud to use in our formulation than the desert date. SYRM is the first CBD product to use the desert date, a fruit farmed by African and South Asian tribes. It is lauded for its therapeutic properties and antioxidant effects.

    We invite you to learn more about the desert date and the communities it supports.

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