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SYRM's formulations were developed to provide up to 30 times better absorption of cannabinoids through our BIO+CBD™ and complimentary ingredients which synergize relief and deliver optimum potency.

Dose does not determine potency. Absorption Drives Relief

When you want relief, the dosage on the labels of most
hemp-based products (milligrams of CBD, hemp seed oil, or its equivalents) is deceptive. A well-known fact in the cosmetics industry is that most topical creams and ointments deliver only 1-5% of their actives ingredients through the layers of the epidermis. Don't waste time and money on ingredients that your body cannot absorb.

For truly powerful relief, use only products that optimize delivery of cannabinoids into the affected areas.

The Power is in the Penetration

The only Potency that matters is the amount that can be utilized by the body. Use SYRM to receive up to 30 times better dermal absorption with our BIO+CBD™.

BIO+CBD™ Lotion

SYRM’s advanced BIO+CBD™ lotions are formulated with several scientific nuances to provide higher potency. As a result, you receive powerful, natural relief.


BIO+CBD™ lotions are cannabinoid-rich with breakthrough ingredients 
and better dermal absorption. The relief is both fast and long-lasting. 


Avocado and jojoba provide oils that complement the use of plant-derived 
Phytomoist--which is 400 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid, the most popular moisturizing ingredient in modern skincare products.


After SYRM’s cannabinoids are drawn from the plant, they are treated with 
the utmost care to retain the highest level of purity as they are transported to the facility where our products are produced. 

SYRM can help with recovery from exercise, aching joints, arthritis, and general inflammation.

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